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Company History

Madhur Udyog is started by Mr. Hanuman Singh Solanki in 1977 in a small room with 2 workers. Since Mr. Hanuman already worked for jaipur local felt sheet manufacturing company for 17 years, he was aware of potential of the market and bottlenecks.

So initially he started importing sheet from Vadodara (Gujrat) and started a factory of making Felt sheet allied product like washers, dusters etc. In that time, it was hard to get high quality sheet due to lack of sheet dealers and that was the major problem.

After 20 years of making, they entered into Felt sheet manufacturing industry in 1997. it took lot of hard work and fund to established two factories, one is for manufacturing fine quality Felt sheets according to clients requirements, and another is for making allied products like washers, tubes, stripes etc.

Till Date, Madhur Udyog is a known name in Felt sheet industry and Mr. Hanuman singh is still growing up their business with the help of their two son Mr. Bhanwar Singh & Mr Mahendra Singh. They are planning to establish another factory in 2013 to meet rapidly increasing client demands.